Ammunition Storage Components

ASC, based in Connecticut, was founded in February 2011 by Jonathan Scalise. To ensure success and quality production, Jonathan assembled a management team for ASC that had been active in the magazine manufacturing business in various capacities for approximately ten years. With the ASC team’s extensive knowledge in the firearms industry and relying on years of experience in the metal stamping, heat treat and finishing industries, ASC has become the approved supplier of many of the most well-known firearms manufacturers and distributors in the nation. ASC's product lines have continuously proven to be of the highest quality and diversity offered by a single manufacturer.

Who We Are

ASC’s product line encompasses the entire AR-15 rifle platform. We manufacture and supply most caliber magazines currently being used on the AR platform. We know of no other manufacturer, foreign or domestic, that has this level of focus and versatility on the AR.

Our dedication to the AR-15 makes ASC the supplier of choice for most O.E.M. manufacturers. Having a proven magazine manufacturer who supports their platforms with high quality products, gun manufacturers have the option of expanding their rifle platforms. Distinct from our competitors, we offer rifle magazines in aluminum or stainless steel, along with several options for engineered coatings.

We Are Innovative

Through the use of cutting edge robotic manufacturing technology, we are able to consistently achieve a quality part at a competitive price. Our commitment to innovation in the firearm industry has led to product lines available in aluminum or stainless steel; a thinner, more versatile metal for magazine manufacturing.

Our Engineering team is always ready to improve or develop the next advancement in product requirements, maintaining our cutting edge technology. Because of our dedication to the firearms industry, we are continuously looking to build a better product and expand the spectrum of offerings to the everyday shooter.