Our Team

Jonathan Scalise


Jonathan Scalise is the Managing Member and Owner of ASC. Mr. Scalise’s responsibilities include supervising and directing the management team. In addition Mr. Scalise is responsible for ensuring that the management team and all employees have the resources necessary to succeed in their roles. Mr. Scalise is ultimately responsible for customer relationships and has substantial relationships with most of ASC’s customers large and small. As Managing Member, Mr. Scalise also sets the tone, objectives and goals of the organization, which includes maintaining a positive work environment that fosters respect, cooperation and teamwork. Mr. Scalise also sets the course for the organization in that he makes certain that the operation is profitable and growing in the proper market segments, while identifying market trends for opportunities and shifts. Together with the management team, Mr. Scalise directs the marketing of ASC and its product offerings to existing customers, new customers and desirable markets. Mr. Scalise determines the direction and goals of the organization and then sees that these ends are achieved in the most expeditious and economical manner.

Barry B.

Director of Engineering

Barry has been involved in innovative product design in both the metals and plastic arenas for 40 years, the last 20 years concentrating on the firearms industry. Being an avid shooter at a young age, migrating to the firearms industry was a natural transition. Having the first hand knowledge, always communicating with others on the range and in the industry gives him the confidence to know what works. Always looking to “build the better mouse trap” his favorite saying is “I can fix anything but a broken heart”. His knowledge and implementation of automation in our operation sets us as the world-class manufacturer in our industry. In his spare time you can find him on the river fly-fishing [another passion], the local range or on the golf course.

Efrain L.

Operations Manager

Efrain was and remains to be a key player in the door opening of ASC. His vast experience with inventory control, purchasing, shipping and receiving spans into every aspect of our product production. Efrain heads up production and warehouse training for all new employees who teaches and leads by example. Efrain is one of the main reasons ASC can produce a product where quality and consistency is always maintained. ASC looks to him to maintain responsive relations with all vendors. Efrain brings plant and production management skills along with an extensive background in welding and robotics equipment.

Melissa M.

Sales & Office Admin

Melissa joins ASC after working as an accounting and office clerk at an ISO certified, aerospace manufacturing company. Melissa’s expertise includes purchasing, bookkeeping, and record maintenance. In addition to her responsibilities as the accounting clerk, Melissa is becoming more familiar in customer service to become a well-rounded employee and important asset to ASC. Her knowledge of the manufacturing industry as well as ISO certification has helped ASC maintain accurate records and procedures.