Why We're Different

The versatility of stainless steel allows us to produce AR-15 magazines in multiple calibers and finishes. The coatings used at ASC are primarily dri-film PFTE hybrid lubricants applied to all surfaces. These are offered in black, grey, desert tan, and  flat dark earth. These coatings provide superior lubrication resulting in better fit, form, and function.

Before You Get Lost in Color Swatches

...you may like to know what’s underneath. ASC’s engineering department worked to develop an automated robotic welding process that is unmatched in the industry. Interested in our manufacturing process? With our commitment to transparency and honesty, we have nothing to hide:

You might be surprised by the number of operations it takes to complete a ready-to-ship magazine at ASC. From start to finish, there are more than 10 operations required to produce a magazine. It begins with the Metal Stamping operation to produce the magazine body components. From there, it goes through a wash to remove any manufacturing lubricants prior to sub assembly. The stamped halves are then sent to ready them for weld. Here is where ASC excels with the use of our automated Robotic welding centers. With weld integrity programmed into the Robotic cell, the near 100% guarantee of weld performance is a certainty.

Heat Treating Process

After the magazine is welded, it then travels to the Heat Treating process where the physical and chemical properties are altered to achieve the desired hardness and toughness. Once completed, we then travel to the coating operation. For aluminum magazines it goes to an electrochemical process improving corrosion resistance, wear, and increases durability while for stainless steel, it is an acid cleaning and surface preparation process, followed by the dri-lube coating and cure. Now, ready for assembly and test, the bodies each get a follower, spring and corresponding floor plate.

The Inspection

Once our experienced staff completes the assembly, we perform final fit, form, and function testing to every magazine. This rigorous 100% inspection process assures our customers that our magazines are fully functional and flawless. Our engineering department has developed special tools that allow any magazine manufactured by ASC to be “blocked” to any capacity, required by either the customer needs or firearm laws applicable to the end user. This capability further distinguishes ASC from our competitors, as our blocking system is permanent. Our competitors' methods can be reversed by the end user, potentially making their magazines illegal, depending on local restrictions.

The Coating: Marlube Dry Film Lubricant

Marlube is a lubricant coating developed specifically for magazine use and firearms components to provide excellent lubrication, fluid resistance and to eliminate corrosion and reduce friction on sliding surfaces. This heat-cured material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing, and fretting. Marlube exhibits long wear life and is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion. Marlube will not soften at elevated temperatures and is a highly effective, high performance break-in coating. As is typical of break-in coatings, Marlube is most effective after use as the coating breaks in and wears/burnishes into the surface of the part as it is used. During use, Marlube sinters into the substrate material offering continued high performance while in service.