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Which Firing Pin is Right for You?

Which Firing Pin is Right for You?

Posted by Hunter on Mar 9th 2021

Which Firing Pin is Right for You?

At ASC we try to give customers a bit of everything. Our offerings on ar firing pins are no exception. We currently offer THREE DIFFERENT kinds of firing pin kits, but which one is for you? That’s what we hope to answer with todays article.

420 Stainless-Steel Shot Peened

This .223/5.56 Stainless-Steel Firing Pin Kit is one of the more most cost-effective kits we have to offer. It’s made using a shot peening process, which reduces wear on a component throughout its lifetime. This process is typically done with some form of media that is “shot” at the firing pin (similar to blasting, minus the removal of material). The effects of shot-peening are evident on the surface of the component. Taking a close look, you can see that the surface of the pin shows clear signs of where the media used in the shot-peen process has impacted the surface. As a result of this, the ar firing pin surface is significantly hardened. These firing pin kits are currently available for $23.99 each. They come with a mil-spec cam pin, as well as a firing pin retaining pin.

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Chrome Firing Pin Kit

While a bit flashier than its stainless-steel counterpart, our Chrome Firing Pin Kit for .223/5.56 AR-15’s is another good alternative. The firing pin has smooth chromatic finish that effectively hardens the surface, protecting the underlying material. The chromatic finish is important for ensuring that your firing pin has a long service life. It comes with a firing pin retaining pin, as well as a mil-spec cam pin. Overall, this firing pin meets all tolerances necessary to qualify as a Mil-Spec component, which makes it an optimal choice for anyone looking for an upgrade. These firing pins come in at $22.99, and will have a substantial impact on your AR-15’s performance.

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Titanium AR-15 Firing Pin Kit

The final firing pin option we offer are our Titanium firing pin kits for .223/5.56 AR-15 rifles. This drop in ready solution is 40% lighter than our other options and features Grade-5 Titanium. The firing pin has more benefits than just being the best looking and toughest of the group. Due to its lighter weight, it actually will perform more efficiently than both the 420 Stainless-Steel Shot Peened and Chrome firing pin kits. For one it will stay cleaner, but its lighter weight construction allows it to function faster. Overall, for $24.99 this firing pin option gives you an edge that’s tough to beat. If achieving the highest levels of efficiency and marksmanship is your goal, it’s a no brainer, you should be getting the titanium firing pin kit. For more information on titanium firing pins, we urge you to read this article by Titanium Processing Center. They outline in even greater detail the benefits of choosing titanium firing pins and also shed some light on things not discussed here. Similar to our other offerings, this firing pin kit comes with a firing pin retaining clip as well as a cam pin. 

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